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What Is The Role of A Retained Search Consultant?

What Is The Role of A Retained Search Consultant?

What Is The Role of A Retained Search Consultant?

Let’s be honest and realistic. Every recruiter can find candidates and present their resumes, however, the role of a retained search consultant entails more to it than meets the eye. A proper retained search includes analyzing your organizational culture, structure, strategy and business operations while also making sure that these are in tandem with the prospective candidates’ mindsets, personalities, career aspirations and family situations.

Without further ado, let us dive right into the four key roles and responsibilities that an experienced retained search consultant must adhere to.

The Role and Responsibilities of a Retained Search Consultant

1. Dedicated and Focused On A Particular Client

Before sourcing the right candidates and bringing them to your table, a retained executive search consultant works collaboratively with you to understand the unique blend of your corporate culture, style, and structure. Furthermore, the consultant or a team of consultants are dedicated entirely for one particular client, expediting the search as quickly as possible to fill your business-critical positions.

2. Picking the Needle from the Haystack

More often than not, when you are hiring for C-level and Senior management positions, chances are the prospective candidates are not actively looking for an opportunity. They want to be approached and owing to their robust database of potential candidates, they filter through them all to nit-pick and shortlist the choicest of candidates who are not just the best but the perfect culture-fit to suit your organization. In addition to that, they also develop strategies and solutions that navigate the challenges and limitations of a given talent pool.

3. Expert Advice Meets Market Insights

On top of scrounging through the myriad profiles to source the next best leader for your organization, they provide their expert opinion on the type of candidate that you can expect to secure based on the nature of the role. Furthermore, a retained search consultant also scrutinizes and follows the practices followed by your competition and provides detailed market insight, and this includes and not limited to the compensation programs, their organizational structure and corporate culture. These insights become a valuable source of information so as a business owner, you can make the necessary amendments, if required to attract top talent.

4. Extensive Background Checks

It is common knowledge that even though one might be the best candidate for a role, they might not exactly be the perfect culture fit for your organization. While sourcing the candidate for your business-critical positions, the consultant is also responsible for assessing the personal attributes and cultural fit of the candidates. This entails providing intelligence beyond resumes and this includes professional comments about candidates, their backgrounds, career motivations, and why they are driven to pursue the particular opportunity. Furthermore, they also coach the secured candidate through their resignation process to assist them in a smooth transition.

Beyond these search competencies, what can an experienced retained search consultant do?

  • They assist in strategic planning, assessing and solving your business challenges that relate to all your talent acquisition needs.
  • They can help you in leveraging your firm’s experience and expertise in securing talent that solidifies your executive team and thereby unleashing your potential in the target market.
  • They can assist in drafting position descriptions with well-defined objectives and competencies.
  • They can introduce companies and professionals who could benefit from each other’s expertise.


Specialized retained executive search firms and consultants who offer the competencies as listed above can add immense value to your organization’s talent acquisition strategy. It is advisable that an organization develops a fruitful relationship with a retained search consultant/firm, because they tend to understand your industry and organization on a deeper level. They understand your organization’s objectives and can pave the way for attracting and securing top talents and professionals who provide value and add strength to your team and fit within your corporate culture. Simply put, this can mean future success and prosperity for your organization in the long run.

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