Why Choose Propella?

Propella is different because we make a difference.


It is understandable when you ask yourself the question, “what is the difference between Propella Consulting Group and other Senior Management Recruitment Agencies?” as you plough through your web search as you look for hiring the best-fit talent in your organization.

Although from the surface, it might seem that Propella’s proposition is similar to other recruiting firms, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Read on to find out the advantages and the edge that Propella has over its competitors and why you should choose us as your go-to Executive Search Firm. Discover how Propella’s innovative and ingenious approach will help you determine the right role and identify the right person who is ready to make an impact in your organization.

Repeat Assignments

About 90% of our assignments run through repeat business or candidate referrals. We appreciate and acknowledge the trust that our clients have in us and strive to deliver only the best for all. Us, being one of the pioneering firms in India, firmly believe that change is the only constant and we improvise and adapt our processes with respect to the current market standards and ensure that all our customers are delighted by our services time and again.

The Personal Touch

We treat every organization that works with us, no matter how big or small, equally and provide them with our senior consultants to take on the project. This doesn’t stop here. Going a step further, our Director is responsible for overseeing every other project that we take up personally. We spend time to understand and absorb every organization’s unique need and personalize our hiring strategy that facilitates long-term success rate.

Intensive Internal Training

As a Consulting Firm helping you with hiring the best of talents, how can we hire substandard talents in our own organization? We carefully curate and handpick only the consultants of the highest order of quality and provide them with world-class training. A robust training schedule is facilitated to every consultant of ours in their industrial expertise.

Exclusive Partnership-Driven Approach

In our line of work, the word “partnership” is casually thrown about with respect to our clients. But what makes Propella different in its approach is, we care. We deeply care about the people and the companies that we work with and the organizations appreciate our consultative approach. At Propella, once we cement our bonding as a partner, you can be rest assured that Propella is invested in your long-term success and is committed to identifying the right talent based on both experience and culture.

Limited Clients and Deeper Penetration

At Propella, we don’t necessarily believe in one-off projects. Rather, we trust in building and forming long-term relationships and providing consistent and quality services. So, we take up assignments only within the industries we are adept in and only if we feel we have the expertise, the knowledge and the time to stay true to our commitment.

One Team, One Project

When we take up a Greenfield project or when our clients prefer partnering exclusively with Propella for all their hires, we make sure that they get a dedicated team of consultants led by a Principal Consultant. Until the project is handover successfully, that team works only on the particular client that we assign them to and is responsible for probing deep into understanding the client, their products and services, their culture, their USPs, their targeting, competitors and industry analysis to provide them with our market expertise at all times.