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When time, complexity, and confidentiality are critical, retained search firms are your go-to. Businesses often leverage the retained search model whenever the need is urgent or when the hire will have a significant impact on the company’s performance or when something out of the ordinary emerges and the organization needs to address it immediately.

Our retained executive search model provides a strong commitment to both sides and sends a sharp message to the candidates that the organization in question considers the opportunity as a top priority.

We understand the business and thrive in this spectrum. And as India’s leading Executive Search Firms, our clients can expect a stellar turnaround time, quality, and uncompromising performance outcomes. Furthermore, our pricing is modeled in such a way that you get value for the money you pay and a whole lot more!

What is a Retained Executive Search?
Retained Search is a type of recruitment search where a client partners with the recruiter, shortlisting the best and most qualified candidates.

In a retained search, a percentage of the agreed price is paid up-front with the remainder payable upon successful completion of the assignment. If the assignment is not completed, the payment is refunded in full. With fill rates at 85-95%, this option offers a measure of certainty and a full commitment to fill the vacancy.

Benefits of using Retained Search:

  • Placement takes Higher Priority
  • High search quality with higher success rates
  • Candidates with the exact skill set are shortlisted
  • More proactivity with a wider selection of candidates
  • Access to resources that are not available in house
  • Highly Customized Search
  • Most Vetted Candidates resulting in genuinely-qualified candidates
  • Transparent process with feedback and real-time updates
  • Quality candidates from a streamlined process

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Success Stories

"Propella was given the retained assignment to hire the Leadership team at Jusda. The team set up by Propella continue to be great leaders within our business. Propella's consultants dig deep with their questions to understand their customer's vision, culture and value systems. This helps them in getting the much required clarity on targeting the appropriate candidates. Propella has closed multiple leadership mandates for the Foxconn Group is our preferred partner for our strategic search assignments."

Saurabh Goyal

Saurabh Goyal

CEO - JUSDA ( Foxconn Group Co)