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At Propella, we recognize your goal goes beyond filling a vacancy; you’re seeking a transformative leader to propel your company toward its envisioned future state. You’re in search of a solution to your business challenges through the recruitment of an extraordinary leader, and we stand ready to bridge that gap with our expertise in leadership hiring.

Armed with best-in-class research and cutting-edge technology, we construct robust talent pipelines across industries and demographics. Our proven expertise consistently fosters success, contributing to the development of industry leaders today.

Our approach is uniquely personalized; we treat each client as a distinct entity, tailoring processes to align with the organization’s culture and diversity. This customization ensures the presentation of world-class talent at the table. Over the last decade, our unwavering dedication has yielded phenomenal results, solidifying our position as one of the leading Leadership Hiring Consultants in India.

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Leaders hired through Propella serve a 5-year term


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Join the ranks of Fortune 500 companies, leading private logistics firms, fast-growing start-ups, and successful middle-market companies who have chosen Propella Consulting Group as their preferred leadership and talent partner. Experience firsthand the impact of our specialized approach to leadership hiring, making us a trusted choice among top leadership consulting firms in India.

We have expertise in sourcing and attracting outstanding professionals for top-tier executive roles, such as CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CPO, and other leadership positions. Understanding the confidentiality requirements of our clients, we refrain from posting these high-level roles on public job portals.

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Retained Executive Search

When time, complexity, and confidentiality are critical, retained search firms are your go-to.

Senior Management Search

General managers and vertical head assignments who effectively implement on the direction provided by their chief officers.

We are the leading leadership hiring consultants in India

Propella Consulting Group is a top-tier Leadership Hiring Consultant in India, specializing in sourcing talent for crucial leadership hires like CEOs, MDs, and Board members across diverse industries. With a deep understanding of the India,  APAC &  MENA markets, we craft meticulous recruitment strategies to identify leaders equipped with foresight and competencies to drive success.

Our seasoned talent scouts leverage extensive networks to pinpoint executives capable of spearheading innovation and nurturing expansion. Whether your company is expanding rapidly or adapting to market changes, our recruiters stand ready to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Collaborating with us ensures a competitive edge in leadership acquisition. Our methodical approach guarantees outcomes aligned with your organization’s goals. In today’s corporate landscape, where strong leadership is essential, Propella Consulting Group the best leadership hiring recruiters pledges to be your strategic ally in fortifying your leadership pipeline. Contact us today to discover how we can help you thrive in the dynamic business environment.

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Precision in Candidate Matching:

Our focus is on identifying and engaging exceptional individuals with specific experience and skill sets that align seamlessly with our client’s needs.

Industry Expertise:

As a seasoned and well-acquainted firm, we possess in-depth knowledge of diverse roles across various industries. Our recommendations are founded on clear rationales, ensuring the right fit for the client’s recruitment process.

Tailored Candidate Assessment:

Our evaluation process is finely tuned to match client requirements and work culture, emphasizing our commitment to achieving the optimal Person-Organization Fit.

Effortless Head Hunting:

With consultants boasting pre-existing industrial experience, the intricacies of Head Hunting become a simplified task at Propella Consulting Group.

Extensive Professional Networks:

Our extensive professional networks, coupled with adept relationship management, make the process of connecting with new associates and nurturing existing relationships in the corporate arena a seamlessly executed activity.

Professional Headhunters

As a leading headhunters consultancy, Propella Consulting Group aids organizations in finding ideal candidates for niche positions by leveraging specialized industry knowledge and extensive networks. Through proactive talent searches, confidential handling of executive-level searches, and customized recruitment strategies, headhunters efficiently identify candidates who align with the organization’s unique requirements and company culture. Their thorough candidate evaluations, negotiation support, and focus on building long-term relationships contribute to time and resource efficiency for the organization, ensuring successful placements of top-tier talent.

At Propella Consulting Group, we take pride in our role as global headhunters, driving talent acquisition on an international scale. Our core responsibility is to meticulously identify, allure, and recruit top-tier professionals for pivotal roles spanning diverse countries and regions. Armed with a profound understanding of global industries, market dynamics, and cultural intricacies, we adeptly navigate varied talent pools. Our expertise lies in efficiently managing cross-border searches and adeptly tackling challenges posed by diverse regulatory landscapes and business cultures. At Propella Consulting Group, As global headhunters, we are dedicated to building high-performing, culturally attuned teams that empower organizations on a global scale.

Assisting Businesses Across Various Industries.

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Banking & Insurance


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Power & Energy

Life science & Healthcare

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Aviation & Aerospace

Media & Advertising

Finance sector

Success Stories

"Manish Ballani from Propella had approached us a time when we were looking to hire some extremely importantsenior management roles at NBSS which is a JV etween Nilkamal, a large Indian organisation and BITO its German counterpart. It can get slightly tricky to understand the cultural perspective whilst providing the right candidates. We were unable to identify the appropriate candidate for a while until Propella came into the picture and made it quite easyfor us. Their processes are extremely thorough and not often are you put in a dilemma during the decision making process wherein you like more than 1 candidate and find it difficult to make a decision. It is a good position to be in as anemployer. I wish Manish and Propella all the best."

Karl Freedman

Karl Freedman


While rearchitecting our organization in South Asia I had the pleasure of working with the Propella team to source candidate for several key leadership roles. I had little experience recruiting senior talent in India and interviewed a few consulting firms, including some of the largest recruiting operations in the world. What distinguished Propella from the rest was the unique level of insight and deep relationship portfolio Manish brings to the process in our industry vertical. Working with Propella as a key partner in our talent acquisition program accelerated our ability to place the best people from the market in strategic roles in a way that aligned the experience and potential of candidates with the cultural values and business plan of our organization. Our engagement with Propella enabled a new era of growth and maturity in the region and I can wholeheartedly endorse Propella as a key human resources partner.

Ken Potts

Ken Potts

Emeritus Managing Director, Director - Global Pricing, C.H. Robinson Worldwide Freight Pvt. Ltd.