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Leadership Hiring consultants

Propella understands that you are not simply looking to fill the vacancy by hiring an executive search firm. Rather, you are looking for a resilient leader who can metamorphose your company to the desired future state. Simply put, you are looking to solve your business problems by recruiting an extraordinary hire. And we are here to bridge that gap.

With our best-in-class research capabilities coupled with cutting-edge technology, we produce deep and rich talent pipelines across a broad spectrum of industries and demographics for our customers. Our expertise has been consistently winning for our clientele and we pride ourselves in being a part of the development of myriad industry leaders today.

We treat each client as a unique individual and customize our processes according to the organization’s culture, diversity and bring forth world-class talent to the table. Our continuous efforts in the last decade has been nothing short of phenomenal and there is a reason why we are one of India’s most sought after Consulting Firms.

We invite you to join Fortune 500 companies, leading private logistics firms, fast-growing start-ups and successful middle market companies who have chosen Propella Consulting Group as their preferred leadership and talent partner.

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Success Stories

"Manish Ballani from Propella had approached us a time when we were looking to hire some extremely importantsenior management roles at NBSS which is a JV etween Nilkamal, a large Indian organisation and BITO its German counterpart. It can get slightly tricky to understand the cultural perspective whilst providing the right candidates. We were unable to identify the appropriate candidate for a while until Propella came into the picture and made it quite easyfor us. Their processes are extremely thorough and not often are you put in a dilemma during the decision making process wherein you like more than 1 candidate and find it difficult to make a decision. It is a good position to be in as anemployer. I wish Manish and Propella all the best."

Karl Freedman

Karl Freedman


While rearchitecting our organization in South Asia I had the pleasure of working with the Propella team to source candidate for several key leadership roles. I had little experience recruiting senior talent in India and interviewed a few consulting firms, including some of the largest recruiting operations in the world. What distinguished Propella from the rest was the unique level of insight and deep relationship portfolio Manish brings to the process in our industry vertical. Working with Propella as a key partner in our talent acquisition program accelerated our ability to place the best people from the market in strategic roles in a way that aligned the experience and potential of candidates with the cultural values and business plan of our organization. Our engagement with Propella enabled a new era of growth and maturity in the region and I can wholeheartedly endorse Propella as a key human resources partner.

Ken Potts

Ken Potts

Emeritus Managing Director, Director - Global Pricing, C.H. Robinson Worldwide Freight Pvt. Ltd.