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Retained Executive Search – A Complete and Comprehensive Guide

Retained Executive Search - A Complete and Comprehensive Guide

Retained Executive Search – A Complete and Comprehensive Guide

We are living amidst one of the biggest pandemics in the history of the human race. While crossing the gap between catastrophe and success is difficult in normal circumstances, it is even more so now given the prevailing uncertainty among businesses due to a tremulous economy. At times like these, a crucial executive level appointment can make all the difference in any business.

Before you hire someone in a pivotal position in your business, it is essential to understand that hiring the right talent in the market consistently will make driving organisational changes easier to execute.

The main reason companies choose to conduct a retained executive search is because hiring for such a significant, decision making position needs expertise. It is essential for companies to perpetuate the quality of talent acquisition across all streams of workforce.

A retained executive search is engaged in all aspects of recruitment of top-notch talent in the market after careful selection of candidature. An executive search firm is retained in an advisory capacity by organisations to enable companies to search for the right talents at the right time.

The advantages of a retained executive search outweigh most of the other options available to hire the best talent in the market. Read on to discover if your business needs a retained executive search to help do all the groundwork required for acquiring best talents in your industry.

Hire not just a qualified resource. Hire the most qualified resource

A retained executive search firm will be able to discover executives who will fit right into the position you’re seeking to fill. The executives might be off the market; not looking for an opportunity actively but with the right mix of experience, skills and knowledge along with the required cultural attributes to fit the role in your company. A retained executive search firm will be able to discover, locate and persuade the right candidate for your company. A contingency firm on the other hand presents only candidates who are in their database or those who have interacted with an ad on social media or their own site. The chances that a contingency recruitment finds the most appropriate talents in a candidate for your talent force is lean.

Your company is not just entitled to privacy, it is a prerequisite

Acquiring talent for a decision making, pivotal position is a sensitive organisational decision on many levels. It is sagacious to keep the information among peers in the industry. It is essential to keep the information confidential while not alienating shareholders and customers.

Contingency recruitment agencies talk to a lot of people in the market about the vacancy in your organisation thus compromising on confidentiality, retained executive search firms make sure that the details about your company’s vacancy is discussed only with few candidates who possess the skill set your organisation requires.

Let the experts help you to find the right people for your talent fleet

Retained executive search firms are committed to delivering top talents for your organisational needs through careful selection of resources in the market. The retained executive search consulting firms operate on client centred projects concentration on one company at a time u like contingency recruitment firms. A retained search firm makes hiring for a pivotal position a hasslefree process while also keeping it uber professional.


A vacancy in the senior executive cadre is not an easy position to fill, The search for such a focal position should be wide and also meticulous at the same time. The search for an executive at a significant position is a long one and it needs to be targeted and discreet at the same time. Most potential employees are not even looking for a job in the sense of the market. They are also hesitant to speak to people they do not know about their job search. We at Propella consulting group understand the nitty-gritties of recruitment of key roles for companies. We are among the best networked people in business. Get in touch with Propella Consulting Group for your next pivotal hire today. Let’s talk!