Why Should A Multinational Conglomerate Looking To Set Base In India Hire An Indian Consulting Firm?

Why Should A Multinational Conglomerate Looking To Set Base In India Hire An Indian Consulting Firm?

Many Leadership Recruitment firms in India help multinational companies from across the world hire the perfect culture-fit candidate – someone who exudes an aura of leadership by carrying forward the core values set forth by the organization. A classic example here would be the story of how Diageo wooed Anand Kripalu away from Mondelez to lead a company it had bought in India, and it was an Indian search firm that opened and closed the hiring process.

Indian search firms do follow an extensive search strategy and protocol for CEO hiring, and this includes all the way from identifying and shortlisting the perfect candidates to the boards interviewing them and the promoters weighing in.

In this blog, let us unearth and understand the benefits of hiring an Indian consulting firm for setting up an MNC’s Leadership Team in the Indian landscape.

Exhaustive CEO Databanks:

Let us tell you without any sugar coating that searching for a solid, robust leadership team in
its entirety isn’t a task for the uninitiated. It becomes all the more difficult when it comes to
shortlisting candidates for C-suite level positions because almost 97% of the CEO candidates are not actively looking out for opportunities. In simpler terms, they want to be found.

Indian consulting firms are adept at hunting the perfect candidates because they have a solid, trust-worthy, first-hand repository of information on senior corporate executives and companies. Furthermore, with a better understanding of the industries in India and the organization at hand, Indian firms have a clear edge here to zero down on not just the best, but the perfect culture-fit candidates to head an MNC’s Indian base.

Proficiency And High Cost Savings

Why bother taking up the daunting task of hiring an entire team yourself when you get a whole team of efficient recruiters, employment specialists and skills experts? And even in case you want to set up an in-house team of people with these expertise, it is ultimately going to cost you a fortune. Furthermore, when hiring a Leading Indian Consulting Firm, they have the knowledge of the latest hiring trends in the market. This experience and a treasure trove of wisdom comes in handy even when you are hiring for specific and specialized industries such as IT, Petroleum, Healthcare, Airlines, and the like.

Conforming to the Compliance Standards Yields A Higher Retention Rate

Generally, when hiring an Indian CEO, what most organizations fail to realize is that some of them, though adept in their skill sets, may not adhere to the compliance standards as set forth by the Government or the organization itself.

A Multinational conglomerate puts itself at a competitive advantage when hiring an Indian Consulting Firm because on top of picking the exact needle from the haystack, they also conduct a series of rigorous background and referential checks to ensure that the shortlisted
candidates conform to all the standards that are set forth for recruitment compliance. Furthermore, owing to the exhaustive background checks, employees hired through a Leadership Recruitment Agency in India have a higher retention rate.

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Focus on Core Business Values

Generating revenue is the bottom line for any given business. However, if you spend all your time focusing on day-to-day HR activities, it leaves you with less time for your core business. Also, there are a whole lot of complex HR functions that need to be taken care of in case you are building your base in India –  induction programs, compensation and benefits administration, employee regulations, performance management, employee handbooks, training and development, occupational health and safety are just a scratch on the surface.

These HR activities need an expert eye and proficiency, and they need to be monitored on a regular basis. Performing these activities yourself can be a huge distraction, making you lose focus on revenue-generating activities. However, you can choose to outsource these complex processes and have your undeterred focus towards your core business values. You can be rest assured that all the tedious paperwork and procedures are attended to with extreme care and great efficiency.

Minimizing and Mitigating the Risk Factors

India, being one of the most diverse countries in the world, there are constant changes in the employment laws and regulations. It can be a strenuous process to stay up to date. Furthermore, organizations may have to incur heavy penalties in case the regulations and compliances are not conformed to, affecting the overall business operations.

A leadership recruitment agency from the same country is more likely to be updated with a keen eye on the changes as and when they are implemented. Simply put, they help you stay away from legal matters while making sure that all your policies are inline with the laws. Also, hiring locals can be a taxing affair if you are not aware about the regulatory system in place. So, it is always a wise practice to hire professionals who are adept at dealing with the regulations and compliances of countries other than your origin.


To sum, Leadership Recruitment Agencies from India do offer a fresh perspective to all your human resources problems. They don’t just listen but also guide you through the entire process with their expertise. Furthermore, they offer structure, order and professionalism to your business, bringing in the much-needed consistency to the process. Their expert advice will not only make your leadership team robust, but also assist you to stay relevant in the competitive landscape.
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